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Extatosoma tiaratum femelle

Phasmids or mimicry's art...


In this only word, one could summarize phasmids. Indeed, which better than them can boast to possess the gift of the camouflage.


These animals, generally night-, of different sizes and forms, are present especially at the level of the equatorial and tropical belt.


They feed generally on brambles, oak, raspberry bush. The stalks of these plants must be introduced into jars with jam, for example , in which one will have taken care of drilling the lid and which one will have fills with water. It is necessary to pulverize daily phasmids according to sorts.

The terrarium will have a size adapted to that of these inhabitants. Generally, a bowl from 15 to 20 liters will be enough with different aerations. For the temperature, the pervading heat of a room is enough (among 18 and 25°C). The rough differences of temperature will be often fatal them.

A bowl, with humid peat or compost, but not wet compost, will be placed in the terrarium so that the sorts which lay their eggs in the ground can put down them. It('s preferable, in one concerns of ease, for the cleaning or the recovery of eggs, to place in the heart of the terrarium simply a paper style "kitchen roll" which will be replaced 1 in twice the week.


For the reproduction, phasmids proceeds of 2 manners:

-Sexual, the male fertilizes the female,

-Parthénogénique, females spawn which will engender only individuals of the same sex.

Eggs are laid on the ground or buried according to their sort. For the incubation, duration varies from 2 to 5 months, but sometimes much more.


Phasmids is generally easy to maintain, to reproduce and to observe. They are a good support of study for schools and allow so a little to discover these very surprising animals to sometimes strange customs.

Eurycantha calcarata femelle
Links concerning phasmids
To see phasmids'eggs...
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