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 Legislation and duties of the owner of NAC

(in France)


Two very important points are to take into account before the purchase of all NAC (lizards, snakes, amphibians and arachnids) :


1/ Is your future animal subjected to a rule for its protection, called CITES ?


First of all, what is CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora)? It is the agreement of the international trade of the species (fauna and flora) threatened with extinction. Roughly, it regulates the business and the exchanges between countries members of all the threatened species. CITIES consists of 3 Appendices :

  • Appendice III : it is the species protected by the exporter country and that are sold with papers proving the origin.

  • Appendice II : it resumes the principle of the appendix III, but includes species a little more threatened, the business is authorized with an export licence by the exporter country and the agreement of France.

  • Appendice I : this appendix includes all the species threatened with extinction for whom the business is totally forbidden.


It is necessarily necessary to arm itself with the person or with the shop where to buy you your animal, an invoice or a transfer proving the origin of this one and his CITES'number. We would not too much know how to advise you to avoid any deals without documents clear and handbook, especially if you are sure of the level of protection. Anyway, for any purchase, that the animal is protected or not, please , require an invoice or the others, because it is possible that regrettably later, to see some years later, your reptile for example requires one N° of CITES, it will be necessary then at this moment to prove your good faith, by confirming by this document the date previous of purchase to the modification of the level of protection of your pet.


You will find in our links the site of it CITES where you can confirm your doubts.


Finally, all the amphibians and French reptiles are protected, it is forbidden to arrest them even for simply observations of some days without speaking about a breeding at home!!!

2/What the certificate of capacity (CAPA) and whom it does concern?


The CAPA concerns quite nobody holding (detaining) reptiles or arachnides, and it, that you possess simply a trap-door spider or a single venimous'snake or not. It is necessary to make the demand with your Direction (management) of the Services Veterinarians local (for the Seine Maritime, it is in Rouen) which (who) will send you the list of the information and the documents to be supplied for the realization of your future file.

After the visit of the DSV in your premises, this one will be presented with a committee (commission) of approval. The wait (expectation) between these 2 stages is sometimes a little long and can exceed (irritate) 1 year.

The shaping of the CAPA can seem repulsive, especially for the person who possesses only a trap-door spider... It will be necessary to like, in every departure or entrance (entry) of the animals of your breeding, an exercise book conceived in this custom (usage) which will allow to follow every animal since its entrance(entry) to France up to his(her) final addressee.


There is a second negative point for the realization of this file. Indeed, it is necessary to prove several working years with an establishment or an association in which you will have acquired an experience (experiment) in your domain of breeding. At least, this experience (experiment) facillitera to you the obtaining of your CAPA. The texts of law at this level change and evolve, it is an affair (business) to follow...


It is necessary to know that a CAPA is asked also for the sale in an petcenter (without that it is of the sale of reptiles), what one can consider as a security of quality and seriousness at the level of the import and of the sale of our favorit pets.


Then CAPA or not CAPA ?


There is a risk of the highly-rated 2, it is to you to judge...

  • Without CAPA, you are in complete illegality. Not terrible!!!

    People of the DSV are not savages, far from there, and will know how to make(do) the difference between a passionate person who possesses some animals and a moving plate of deceitful business.


  • With your future CAPA, the road towards the legality can be long and tortuous. In the long run, it will be for your advantage and can prove in case of some disputes your good faith and your competence.

And in every case, please , ask for bills of sale during the purchase of your future animals !!!


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